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Iberoamerican music fusion

En Clave de Son

Our project

En Clave de Son ensemble aims to spread Iberoamerican concert music inspired by folk roots, recovering the original rhythms from where the songs were taken. In order to achieve this, they have a musical base of concert instruments such as the classical guitar, the violin, the bass guitar and percussion, along with traditional instruments like the guitarrón, the jarana, the "guitarra de golpe", the Mexican vihuela mexicana, the requinto jarocho, flutes and a variety of percussions.

En Clave de Son bases its working method on both, transcribing repertoire originally written for guitar solos, and orchestral and chamber works, adding the appropriate rhythmic patterns.

Thanks to their instrumental versatility, they provide each piece with voices, rhythms and sound colors, giving their repertoire a fresh spirit and originality that is captured in each of their own arrangements and interpretations.

Born in 2014 in the city of Barcelona, ​​the ensemble consists of Mexican musicians specialized in the field of classical music and with vast experience in folk and popular music. Moreover, all of them combine their concert activity with teaching at music schools in Catalonia and with the participation, creation and management of numerous festivals and cultural events.

At the same time, we must highlight their interest in the Iberoamerican Baroque repertoire. Among its members there are specialists in this field, who provide valuable information to address pieces in various códices (codexes).

En Clave de Son has participated in the Reencontres Internationales de Guitares RIGS 2015 (France), Les Garrigues Guitar Festival (Catalonia), the Festival Art Llobet in the Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Miquel Llobet 2015 and in the series "Días de música" of the Recinto Sant Pau in Barcelona.

Who we are

Octavio Beltrán

Percussionist and Composition graduate, he studied Ethnomusicology and Execution of traditional Mexican instruments. Musical composer for films, theatre, dance, performance, radio-art and various musical groups. Develops composition projects, performance, research and dissemination of music made with pre-hispanic instruments.

Juan Ramón Arceo

Guitar graduate from the Essen Music School (Germany) and Master in classical guitar and musical interpretation with Ricardo Gallén. He currently combines his teaching with his concert activity as soloist and member of various ensembles in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Morocco.

Carlos Caro

Violin graduate, certificated by the Superior Institute of Art in Havana (Cuba) and in Jazz and Modern Music at ESMUC. Is founder and director of the Cuban popular music group "Cuban Flavor", with which has participated in several world music festivals across Europe. Has been a violinist at the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba and the Orchestra of the Opera and Ballet of Cuba, among others.

Eduardo Hernández

Graduated from Guitar and Master of Music Education for Music Schools. Guitarist in the Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona, ​​teacher, musician in various formations such as the Mariachi México Folclórico, the Zopilotes del Norte and Tocuícatl, and co-founder of the folk dance group Son de México.

Violant Olivares

A graduate of Guitar and Music Education, she is a professor of music and dance in the school Pepa Colomer. Member of the Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona, ​​the group of pre-hispanic music Tocuícatl and co-founder of the folk dance group Son de México. She combines her teaching with courses in Catalonia and Mexico and her dancing and concert activity.

Barcelona, Spain

Juan Ramón Arceo:
(+34) 685 789 022 / (+34) 93 140 52 59

Eduardo Hernández:
(+34) 646 739 146 / (+34) 93 534 99 71

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